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RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications

Subject: RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications
From: Viper Snake
Date: Dec 23 2011 15:45:21


1) In your definition does this kind of fungus kill the living cells in the 
process of extracting it nutrients, like a necrotroph, or do they remain 
alive, like a biotroph?, or both, like a hemibiotroph?
1) Because trees affected by G. australe (normally) don't show symptoms of 
(bark or branch) necrosis or dieback (of parts) of the crown or foliage, like 
a biotroph.

2) Are you saying you have evidence that G. adspersum/australe can readily 
breach the reaction zone and/or boundary zone of functional xylem and then 
colonise that wood in a tree with good vitality?
2) Not evidence on a microscopical level in a living tree (yet), but assuming 
G. australe can, because of its (partially sterile) panic fruiting just 
before or shortly after the tree dies and not being able to produce 
(completely) fertile brackets from dead wood alone.

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