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RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications

Subject: RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications
From: Ian Brewster
Date: Dec 23 2011 17:08:29

'ectomycorrhizal macrofungi such as Scleroderma citrinum, Paxillus involutus, 
Thelephora terrestris and Boletus badius, that do not seem to have lost their 
capacity to (temporarely) live as a saprotroph on and fruit from dead wood 
while "awaiting" to colonise the roots of a new partner and seem to refrain 
from retracting sugars for producing fruitbodies from the seedling and young 
tree partner until the tree can "stand on its own feet" by developing the 
foliage needed to produce enough energy (reserves) through photosynthesis to 
support itself and its tree species specific ecosystem, and can "afford" 
sharing the sugars with its symbionts, the mycelia need to fruit.'

As with endophytic fungi, would you regard the subtle decline within an 
ailing tree to trigger the growth, for example of Piptopurus betulinus on a 
Birch, to be possibly caused by a reduction in sugar/sap levels? The complete 
opposite perhaps of what you're suggesting where an ectomycorrhizal fungi 
fruits when sensing a rise in sugar levels prompted by the establishment of a 
tree....Great discussion btw.
DX 57406 Littlehampton

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