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Re: Basis for TPO's

Subject: Re: Basis for TPO's
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 23 2011 17:58:41


I'm interested in the comment that the Committee ignored the 
Officers advice. Especially as I got the distinct impression the Committee 
just a rubber stamp for the Officers "decision". 




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Subject: RE: Basis for TPO's

This was an application, not a TPO confirmation. Sorry, for not being clear. 
Dunno particularly why this one wasn't delegated to Officer decision: Well, 
really I suppose I do, it was bound to be contentious and I think it's just a 
case of their being open; which was fair enough. I was told that I wasn't 
allowed to say anything at the meeting I could've attended but the client 
couldn't see much point in paying me to go down country merely to watch. I 
imagine the Officers are trying to avoid criticism.

Yes have a good one also. Glossop? I was at the opposite side of the Snake 
Pass last Sunday, the whole of of the Dark Peak was covered in snow and the 
sun was shining, it was staggeringly beautiful. The Snake was shut (what's 
new?) due to ice.... It's been grey and miserable all day here, hence I've 
not moved far from this monitor. S'pose I ought to get out and buy some 


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