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Re: Highways Act s154 notive appeal

Subject: Re: Highways Act s154 notive appeal
From: Moray Simpson
Date: Dec 28 2011 09:17:12
I've only seen one Leylandii root plate failure and that was in the
bad gales in 2007 and due to the soil being waterlogged, thus losing
it's cohesive strength. So I would have thought on well drained soils
it is windfirm.



On 28 Dec 2011, at 08:45, Edmund Hopkins 

I would say almost certainly! For some reason I have formed the view
that Leylandii are notably windfirm, although they shed canopy from
tight forks where those exist. I'm not sure that height in itself
makes a tree, even a Leylandii, unstable.

No I have no experience of an appeal.

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