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RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications

Subject: RE: Ganoderma applanatum/australe on n.maple - implications
From: antony croft
Date: Dec 30 2011 14:16:52

You've lasted longer than I did.  I got a bad back at the age of 26 but was 
lucky enough to be able to spend three years in full time education to 
kick-start my second career in Arb.  It was the most fantastic and 
rewarding experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has an 
enquiring mind, is focused and can work hard - learning isn't easy, 
especially when you are being taught things that go against what you 
originally thought to be true - that happened a lot with me.  

Good luck


I tried the online arb FdSc but A) couldnt keep up with the costs and B) was 
studying the most dull and irrelevant stuff, which made it so hard to keep at 
when I was suffering finacialy for it as well.
I should have stuck at it as hard and dull as it was, not having a qual is 
the only thing that seems to be holding me away from opportunities to seek an 
alternative career in arb.

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