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RE: your valued opinions- writing on trees/body languages/fungi

Subject: RE: your valued opinions- writing on trees/body languages/fungi
From: Ian May
Date: Jan 06 2012 10:54:25
Oh, the innocence of halcyon days with jolly picnics, Dandelion and Burdock 
and cucumber sandwiches.
Shamefully the aging Janet and John are now battling dementia on a shoestring 
while their feral grandchildren aimlessly roam the streets of despair.
I think that reveals something about all of us.
Happy New Year.


<<Janet and John? Are they still together? After that tabloid scandal 
involving Jack and Jill I thought they were no longer welcome in polite 

I suspect some of the younger UKTC fraternity will not have the slightest 
notion as to the identity or relevance of Janet and John Tina, those who have 
reveal something about themselves! 




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