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RE: 'People are scared of trees'

Subject: RE: 'People are scared of trees'
From: Paul Smith
Date: Jan 06 2012 15:52:38
As a matter of interest, being a former 'Chorley boy' myself (doubtless 
explains a lot some will say) my (step) 'mother-in-law' lives alongside some 
of said trees in Clayton and it is the nuisance factor principally they are 
annoyed about. The trees were planted as whips, part of a typical 1970/80s 
new town thing, and have never been managed / thinned out in the recent past 
and hence there's now a thicket of very tall, spindly Ash, Alder and Cherry 
(+ some other spp.)

The 'good old adage' of "trees were there first" is probably also true here 
BUT, at the time, they were probably about 3ft high.

Hence I can understand, and do sympathise, with their predicament.

Regards all..

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From: Edmund Hopkins [] 
Sent: 06 January 2012 15:40
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: 'People are scared of trees'

Well mostly true enough but perhaps they like sunshine on their face when 
they quaff the red wine of a summer's evening in the garden, or maybe they 
used to have a vegetable patch before shade did for it, and fears about 
falling branches may be irrational but real nonetheless.

Most of all it may be that the steadfast refusal by a landowner to be 
neighbourly does the cause of trees no good at all.

I do agree that cutting them all in half is probably ill judged :).

Probably my sympathy is instinctive, you certainly can't tell much from the 
photo, but it is trees and people is it not?


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From: Chatfield, Matthew [] 
Sent: 06 January 2012 15:28
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: 'People are scared of trees'

Without seeing the site it's hard to know whether to have sympathy with the 
residents or not. But having heard plenty of tales such as this over the 
years I speculate that those doughty folk who are 'scared to death of large 
twigs' and preventing their children from playing in the garden are actually 
far more interested in the bit about 'constantly having to clear up' than 
they say.

And it hardly needs saying that if all those trees are indeed cut in half a 
whole posse of other tree-loving complainants will ride over the hill and 
start a counter-petition complaining about council vandalism.

There may be a case for doing work to the trees or there may not. And the 
distress described may be genuine, or otherwise. But the reasons given in the 
article are, in all honesty, nothing more than the usual tired old excuses 
from people who don't like trees and want someone else to sort it out for 

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