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Re: Micro lightning strikes

Subject: Re: Micro lightning strikes
From: guy Meilleur
Date: Jan 06 2012 21:59:25
Ben, the point in tapping the tree all over is to assess damage, by telling 
living from dead bark. I hope you see the benefit of that.

 Bark tracing serves the tree as it allows callus to grow over the wood and 
not along the detached bark, creating a hollow.  

Tapping and inspecting allows one to see whether the tree has suffered to the 
extent it requires removal due to structural issues.  Feeding it but 
otherwise leaving it alone can increase the risk of decline and death. 
Ultimately only time will tell if the tree is to survive the strike, but the 
odds can be greatly improved by arboricultural intervention. 

Of course we should take into account the wishes of the client and advise 
them of our understanding after we assess the damage. Only after a thorough 
assessment provides information can the client make an informed decision on 
how best to proceed.
Guy Philip Meilleur

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