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RE: your valued opinions- writing on trees/body languages/fungi

Subject: RE: your valued opinions- writing on trees/body languages/fungi
From: antony croft
Date: Jan 09 2012 19:05:56

Hi all, been offline for a while due to tech issues and on the plus side got 
some of the renovations done!
Thank you very much everyone who continues to discuss this, its all being 
taken on board, and Jon I am more than capable of evaluating good science and 
there wil be PLENTY of evaluations of current work in one of three items I 
intend to work on.
I made a mistake in treating the forum as a pub discussion with like minded 
folk, this has apparently caused an opinion in a few that I am about as clued 
up and capable as a wet paper bag in a rain storm, I look forward to putting 
this utter rubbish to bed!
I am all too aware of the massive lack of really good science in this area 
(arb-mycota) and will in years to come spend a great deal of money on 
research grade equipment in order to do my own "science"
In the meantime, I am doing a pretty good job doing my thing with just my 
eyes and my camera and frankly the response to that work and effort is for 
the most part overwhelming, my main goal origionaly apart from bursting at 
the seems to discuss these things. Was to promote and encourage others to 
take this subject on, to think about it and maybe instigate a trend.
That I have achieved, and am not going to stop, Im having far too much joy 
from it!

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