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Re: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s

Subject: Re: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s
From: Moray Simpson
Date: Jan 25 2012 17:08:57

We do. You have copy of our spg. It's in that.



On 25 Jan 2012, at 16:59, Tom Thompson <tom.thompson@west-> wrote:

I always ask for tree surveys and tree constraints plan (when there
are sufficient trees or potential conflicts to merit it).
This will give a clear indication of the impact and tree protection
measures required.
I did not realise that I could required a tree protection plan up
front.  This is pre-commencement conditioned.

Can I insist on a TPP up front?

I have asked on numerous occasions to have this as part of the
validation process but I am always informed that they have too many
other aspects to consider and do not know when it would be required
and when not.  This is from the Head of Dept not the validation team
who may well be happy to do it if they were instructed to.

I have a 3 week window to ask for any additional information.

Tom Thompson BSc(Arb) MSc (eFor) MArborA
Trees and Landscape Advisor
Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

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