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RE: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s

Subject: RE: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s
From: Howe, Ron
Date: Jan 26 2012 09:58:56
Ian, I don't know the answer to your question, but surely a tree
impact/implication study, where appropriate, is sufficient at that point
and, usually, the arb consultant should've done a constraints plan at
that stage otherwise how can they advise on issues! That to me is fine
to assess a site. We have to be careful not to require too much costly
stuff at the outset as that is unreasonable and liable to compensation
in the name of unnecessary expense ... It really is no hardship to get
the finer details later if the scheme is consented.

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Sent: 25 January 2012 17:06
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Subject: RE: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s

If trees are found not to be worthy then how could you ask for a Tree
protection plan to protect all within the site. First they need to
determine which trees are worthy by categorisation and you as TO to
check whether appropriate, then the constraints plan follows. Otherwise
backwards way on IMO. 

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From: Tom Thompson [] 

Can I insist on a TPP up front?

I have asked on numerous occasions to have this as part of the
validation process but I am always informed that they have too many
other aspects to consider and do not know when it would be required and
when not.  This is from the Head of Dept not the validation team who may
well be happy to do it if they were instructed to.

I have a 3 week window to ask for any additional information.
DX 57406 Littlehampton

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