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Re: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s

Subject: Re: Building Consent and afterthought T.P.P.s
From: Moray Simpson
Date: Jan 26 2012 23:49:29

Aerial photography and streetview, plus submitted block plans and
especially design & access statements (which often have photos of the
site and reference to how sustainable they will be by retaining the
trees) are good for picking up the trees which were mysteriously
absent/ invisible/ abducted by aliens when the app form was filled in.

It's amazing how the applicant/ agent obviously don't read their own
design & access statements.

  I can't bring myself to even think that they just lie when they tick
no to trees & hedges being present on or adjacent to the site. I'm
just too trusting, I suppose.



On 25 Jan 2012, at 18:17, Tom Thompson <tom.thompson@west-> wrote:


I will try again for tree surveys at the application stage but this
would only be where they state trees are affected.

I am not completely confident of success though.

Those that state no when the should state yes will still only get
up at my first visit.

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