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Re: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.

Subject: Re: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.
From: Paul Durkan
Date: Feb 08 2012 19:05:59
Hi Bill,

Minimum £1000 per tree to ensure establishment in the landscape.

Paul wrote:
What ho,

I'm currently involved with a job where the LPA (who shall remain nameless 
ATM) are requiring a commuted sum to be paid, in lieu of planting trees 
within the site.

Without going into details they require 2 trees to be planted to replace any 
trees lost within the site, which seems fair enough, or they'll permit the 
payment of a commuted sum to fund tree planting elsewhere in the borough if 
they can't get that number of trees planted within the site.

My question is what would the collective regard as a "reasonable" sum per 
tree? Also do any other LPAs have such a policy?

Please be sensible in responding to this as I might write up the subject for 
a small article to be published somewhere.

Thanks in advance.


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