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RE: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.

Subject: RE: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.
From: Burke, Nicholas
Date: Feb 14 2012 13:37:10
I know in Camden when I was there they quoted £1,000+ per tree to plant in 
streets and it could take quite a few goes to find some where to get the tree 

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Subject: Re: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.

This appears like a simple question but it can become very complicated when 
you look into it. 

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Subject: Re: A "reasonable" commuted sum for tree planting.

You're not kidding ben! Some of the responses have been quite honestly 
frightening. My idea of reasonable is quite clearly different to everybody 
else's. I was looking for an average; quite clearly the cost of sticking a 
whip in a slit is nothing like £765, and honestly the cost of hacking a hole 
in the pavement is nothing like £3,319. Figures like these are only going to 
discourage tree-growing....

The LPA that prompted my thread use the same flat (they claim average) 
figure, and apart from the fact that they didn't only want trees based on 2 
for 1 removed, they also wanted another tree for every 50 square metres of 
habitable area. As I was dealing with a nursing home development of 3000 
square metres they were going to want a commuted sum for planting 60 trees 
plus the compensation for removed ones.

The LPA in question claim the fund is ring-fenced, so if this job goes to 
appeal we'll no doubt be asking to see the accounts of the fund. I suspect 
it's just a money raising scheme but hey ho.


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