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RE: Local authority levy for tree research

Subject: RE: Local authority levy for tree research
From: Burke, Nicholas
Date: Feb 16 2012 10:43:36
'Original Message-----
From: John Flannigan: New York research was underpinned by the US Forest
Service - iTree cost about $5 million FEDERAL tax dollars - even the
USA, the archetypal small government nation has recognised that central
government must fund tree research if all citizens are to benefit. In
fact they have a law which provides funds to urban tree care.' 

That would explain why they have so much more in terms of support and
research then well I suppose there may be a couple of other reasons for
this. I feel overawed when I see the web sites that are set up in the
USA and that can only be a proportion of the research available. Well
our FC is being slowly put out to grass maybe they could start working
on urban trees and spend some of their funds on city trees (or is that
an again?). 

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