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Re: Who is right?

Subject: Re: Who is right?
From: Tim Ellis
Date: Feb 28 2012 09:46:32
The history of the landscape is complex and is a history of (whisper it)
change.  There are so many questions that need to be addressed.  What
landscape could/should/would we restore to?  Which one has the most value?
To whom?  The Capability Brown one or the one before that?  Are the rubbish
Brown ones worth conserving?  Should we remove features since
grown/developed? (Ashton Court, Bristol anyone?). Which example of the
landed gentry should we venerate the most for their benign and gracious
munificence? Or should we restore the proper penalties for trespass?

Repton recognised the landscape value of ancient trees; we now understand
far more about the value of veteran trees and their undoubted importance.
 These values can be explained to even the most recalcitrant (decrepit?)
'gentleman' I'm sure.  If, in the greater scheme of the whole landscape the
limes are of less 'value' than what is proposed then that is a decision
that can be made.  But it should be an informed decision.

I've tried over the years to understand the mind of the landscape historian
(hell, I even married one) but it remains just beyond my grasp.  I have
some very rude theories about them that I  may be prepared to share but
only in the confines of a suitable establishment.


On 28 February 2012 09:19, Jerry Ross <> wrote:

How many landscape officers does it take to change a light bulb?


On 28/02/2012 08:55, Daniel Wynn wrote:


I've often pondered the differences between a Planning based tree
officers and a landscape consultants. On one hand, the TO is, on the whole,
a conservationist - or one who is charged with conserving the environment
(we're talking primarily in terms of trees of course). Whereas, some
forward thinking, and dare I say creative/artistic, landscape consultants
may want to insert a new feature and in so doing alter the landscape.

I for one spend time resisting some projects to insert a new feature (or
a tree feature), for example on the South Downs as it appears some are
simply people wishing to make their 'mark' with no real wider meaning
behind the proposal. These 'marks' accrue over time which then only, in my
view at least, 'clutter' the landscape and compete with the land form
and/or long established historical features.   This is not to say I would
not support a new feature but I do try and put the bar quite high right
from the outset.

Peter Thurman asked 'who is right?'  - My view unsurprisingly is to
resist any significant changes unless there are compelling and overwhelming
reasons to the contrary. For what its worth, the days of Capability brown
and the like have passed - this is history- and we now have a situation
where there have been and continue to be intense and mounting pressures
being brought to bear on our countryside. I rather think the next phase of
'landscaping' in our historical landscape will be from things like wind
turbines, solar panels, climate change and associated changes in farming
practices etc.


 27/02/2012 16:58>>>

Interesting isn't it? These days if you give a Capability Brown
Landscape so
much as a hard stare you have Conservation Officers crawling all over you,
yet Brown and his contemporaries ripped out all sorts of stuff to create
their gardens. Truth is we owe a lot of our most prized landscapes to the
fact that the nobility have been able to do what they want with their
land -
imaging trying to get planning permission for Stourhead these days - you
wouldn't stand a cat in hells chance!

Some of these major landowners where the land has been in 'the family' for
generations understand long term planning better than anybody else really,
and I don't think the Crown is any different. If Prince Philip wants to
create a feature that includes 1000 oak trees I don't have a problem with
felling some old limes to do it.


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