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RE: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's

Subject: RE: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's
From: luke steer
Date: Mar 12 2012 09:44:31
Hi Ron,
I agree with you in many situations and I've seen too many naff trees 
protected with TPOs when development was proposed.  

However, I've also seen areas that once contained many trees that now have 
few to the detriment of their visual character.  Most were probably not 
exceptional but collectively, over many properties, they created a pleasant 
place.  It occurs to me that CA status reduces this erosion of tree cover.  
How about 'Tree Conservation Areas'?  New legislation and increases in TO 
work load designating them but, potentially, it could help slow the erosion 
of urban tree cover.  I believe that this type of thing occurred with the 
original TPOs in the way that Paul describes.  Currently TPOs may not be the 
correct tools, unless you're prepared to serve an Area Order and re-serve it 
periodically, potentially every five years.  Maybe I'm rambling!  Maybe I 
should do some work!

By the way the ATF meeting was brill and we discussed TPOs there.  If you 
weren't there you missed out!

Best wishes


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From: Howe, Ron [] 
Sent: 12 March 2012 08:30
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: RE: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's

I was going to let you all chat on about this but, I have a strong
opinion on this front. We seem to be talking, in general, about not
losing trees and the continuity of tree cover etc. which, is admirable.
However, I really believe that the TPO legislation is there to deal with
'special' and 'important' trees. It should be likened to the listed
Buildings tool ... You don't protect buildings just because they're old
or because buildings are being demolished, unless they are very special.
The tool was delegated to LPAs and we should use it sparingly. We are
told to consider protection in relation to development but again, and as
said by you Paul, we have a conditions tool to deal with the short term
issues of general tree cover and that gives you time to decide if any of
the trees are special enough to use your ultimate tool. It should be
about trees as special features that are prominent to the wider public
or character of an area. Don't devalue the system and don't forget, it's
about people as well.

Ron Howe
Principal Tree Officer
Mole Valley District Council
Tel. 01306 XXX XXX
Website -

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From: Paul Hawksford [] 
Sent: 09 March 2012 20:28
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's

What similarities are there between planning conditions (PC's) and TPO's
or Conservation Area Order status? Obviously the fines for a breach are
different, but say a site is subject to a 12 yr old planning condition
and the new owner wishes to remove trees; what are the implications? Are
PC's subject to amenity values or are they simply applied to ensure
continuity of tree cover at the time that the development is
constructed? I understand that PC's should not be used to protect trees,
so what options do I have?

Paul Hawksford
Principal Arboriculturist

Road Ballymena County Antrim Northern Ireland
BT43 6TU

M: +44 (0)7746 XXXXXX  



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