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Re: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's

Subject: Re: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's
From: andersonarb
Date: Mar 13 2012 15:33:16

My question is should the condition now be lifted and/or a TPO be put in 
but that begs the question why? The property is a farm house, some three 
from the nearest highway and is overlooked some two miles away by another 
farmhouse. Amenity can mean many things, but visual amenity is not an issue 
as there isn't any (well except for the property owners)...

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From: Paul Hawksford <>
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Sent: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 13:16
Subject: RE: Planning Conditions -v- TPO's

Off-hand Paul, I'd say the TO is trying to be accommodating while avoiding 
himself the faff of serving a TPO and possibly dealing with your objections. 
My experience is that a Planner wouldn't bother trying to enforce a Condition 
after that length of time. I have asked various Planners about such things on 
numerous occasions; I was once told by a Planner that he wouldn't attempt to 
pursue a prosecution if the Condition was a decade old, only for him to get 
uppity about an even older one a while after that. Mind you I think a Member 
was getting at him....

I'd try and avoid backing a Planner into a corner, negotiation is probably 
cheaper and less hassle.


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