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Re: Online TPOs

Subject: Re: Online TPOs
From: Moray Simpson
Date: Mar 14 2012 08:36:17
On 12 Mar 2012, at 14:37, Jon Heuch <> wrote:

I believe this is a sure sign that our current system isn't working
well. Earlier someone posted
that they would be reluctant to post TPO documents on the
internet.because..why was it, people might
see them? Sometime ago I met a Council official (at a DCLG meeting)
who thought TPOs should be
managed using secrecy as a key component. The knowledge that some
Councils may raise a TPO on the
basis of a phone call enquiring about a TPO is a sure way of
engendering mistrust.

Would we manage historic buildings on the same basis as trees? No
point in listing them until
someone starting knocking them down? It wouldn't work would it?

Tree officers have to manage and protect trees with the support of
local populations. Working by
themselves it is hardly surprising that tree officers may be

Councils should work with the population to identify trees of great
importance (the real ones, not
the mid size self sown ash that no one has really looked at before
but now might be affected by a
new footpath). TPO those and manage the rest on a population basis
i.e. monitor them, balancing
removals with replacements. How is this done? Well how many retired
people are looking for something
to do? How many tree wardens are out there? Do you have a local BTCV
or equivalent that could
mobilise forces?  It's a different job to the way many tree officers
jobs are currently run but I
bet it would be lot more satisfying and effective.

All good points John. All we need is a change in the expediency rules
and resources.



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