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Re: Online TPOs

Subject: Re: Online TPOs
From: andersonarb
Date: Mar 14 2012 13:58:47

Hi Moray,

No change needed.....the last sentence of para 3.5 of the blue book deals 
expediency and strategic TPOs

I have to say I'm not convinced by the resources argument.  IMO Paul B's 
approach (as set out earlier in the thread) offers a much more resource 
efficient use of TPOs.


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Subject: RE: Online TPOs

The thing you've got to consider is do TPOs actually make any difference? Is 
their liberal distribution actually ever gonna make a difference to tree 
cover? Undoubtedly at the micro-level preventing a dendrophobe from cutting 
all his trees down makes sense, but overall do they make any desirable 

I've got a couple of ongoing jobs where tree owners have been put off doing 
anything by the TPO ("you can't do anything; it's got a TPO!"), and the 
situation where some strategic removals would benefit the retained trees is 
common place. Yes I know that a decent TO would permit or even encourage the 
strategic removals, but simply isn't how TPOs are currently working. 

And not all LAs have a TO, and when they delegate the work to an Artichoke or 
a Contracts Manager, TPOs can definitely start to be counterproductive!


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