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RE: Monterey cypress failures

Subject: RE: Monterey cypress failures
From: Ian Brewster
Date: Mar 20 2012 17:04:32

I'm sure that if something where to be arranged over here again Nelda there 
would be an interest.  

This program is now international and web-based 
(  If you want to particpate (add to 
database or retrieve data), you must complete the training. Mike Ellison and 
Glynn Percival are ITFD trainers. It would be wonderful to have UK arborists 
participate more and broaden the species represented. The database is 
currently housed with the US Forest Service. As you might expect, it is 
under-funded. The ISA is conducting a needs assessment.  


Nelda Matheny
HortScience, Inc. | 325 Ray St. | Pleasanton, CA 94566 phone 925.484.0211 | 
fax 925.484.5096 |
DX 57406 Littlehampton

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