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RE: Poisonous Plants

Subject: RE: Poisonous Plants
From: Ian Brewster
Date: Mar 23 2012 14:06:06

For some people life is one big allergic reaction, lol 

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Subject: RE: Poisonous Plants

Interesting thread this one. Why stop at holly? Privet berries are also 
poisonous, rowan needs cooking before eating, blackthorn can give a nasty 
rash from the spikes, wayfaring tree can cause vomiting, spindle in large 
enough doses can give hallucinations and I haven't even begun to mention all 
the different irritants and poisons in common plant saps.
As has already been mentioned the likelihood of anyone eating enough to cause 
illness or death is very low simply because of the bitter nature of many of 
these plant parts. It is too simplistic to remove such plants. How will the 
child know what is safe to eat or not when looking at the plant in another 
context? There are plenty of holly berries around at Christmas not to mention 
mistletoe. Much more sensible and safer to teach what can and what cannot be 
eaten and where best to do this than in a school context. How much fun is 
there to be had from picking wild strawberries, blackberries or blaeberries, 
beech and hazel nuts, or making nettle soup. Plenty of supervision, all 
activities risk assessed and fun.
Or at the risk of being cynical is it simply a case of protection against 
possible insurance claims. In which case far better to keep our children in 
cotton wool and have done. (or maybe not they might be allergic to it)

Sorry for the rant but this sort of nonsense really annoys me.

Tina Hill
DX 57406 Littlehampton

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