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Lesson for today

Subject: Lesson for today
From: Jonathan Astill
Date: Mar 30 2012 12:44:12
Thankfully it was a local site so a return visit was no trouble and I only 
lost about 30 seconds of recording. I would have kicked myself (and the 
dictaphone) if it had been far from home. I still like to use paper for 
surveys of about 30 trees or less, but the digital dictaphone has served me 
well. Hangs around my neck and keeps my hands free for measuring, prodding, 
rummaging and the like. I will just use it with greater caution next time. 

Normally I would have spoken a little louder, but was conscious of 
ear-wigging  from the neighbour doing the gardening.  

As an aside, (Chris or anyone) I only subscribe to the digest of UKTC forum 
these days. Can I respond to an existing thread without having to write a 
fresh e-mail?

Thanks in advance.   


Jonathan Astill Dip.Arb.(RFS) M.Arbor.A.

Astill Treecare Ltd.

07717 826806

01963 32035 


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