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Tree Preservation (England) Regulations 2012

Subject: Tree Preservation (England) Regulations 2012
From: HUDSON, Chris
Date: Mar 30 2012 13:12:56
Under Option B of the Evidence based Impact Assessment for the new Regs it 
says on page 5

Planting Replacement Trees

Under the existing regulations, where a local authority grants consent to 
remove a protected tree, they will consider whether a condition requiring a 
new tree to be planted is necessary. However, when replacement planting is 
required in woodland, the local authority gives the landowner a direction 
(not a condition) to replant. The streamlined regulations remove the need for 
directionsby enabling conditions to be used in all cases where replanting is 
required, thereby simplifying the system.

I have the impact assessment doc but its is 2MB so will exceed the size of 
the e mail

I can't find this in the new Regs. Thoughts anyone.

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