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Fwd: Kretzschmaria deusta and woodland Beech

Subject: Fwd: Kretzschmaria deusta and woodland Beech
From: Guy Meilleur
Date: Mar 31 2012 00:49:22
"The majority of the beech show fruit bodies of Kretzschmaria deusta
(often in both stages, the teleomorph fruiting bodies - black crumbly
crusts, and the asexual anamorph stage), usually associated with old wounds
or removed stems.  Often, but not always, this has led to decay; a fair
number of the trees showing infection have plenty of wall-thickness, or
entirely sound bases."

That being the case, risk of failure is low for those trees.  So felling
seems premature, for those.  It's not onereous to monitor ime.  Like tony I
asssume retention is preferred, which seems warranted because trees have
value. page 20 here
about Kd on multistemmed Acer rubrum, fwiw.  5 years later the tree is
walling off Kd still; no further works needed.

Reduction pruning generally works for the structurally compromised.  15%
off the end can increase branch stability 50%.

 Probing at the right angles with the right tools can detect enough data
about roots.


Guy Philip Meilleur


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