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RE: Lesson for today

Subject: RE: Lesson for today
From: Simon Jones
Date: Apr 01 2012 16:35:20
Well, we have the same story! – although my tree was the one in the footway 
right outside the embassy, and there were no railings between me and the 
security staff – so things got slightly hairy for a while!! With the benefit 
of hindsight, totally predictable..... Ah, the naivety of youth –

All best, Simon

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Bill Matthews asked me to test bore a plane tree in Kensington Palace 
Gardens, so he and I and the palace grounds manager casually walked out into 
the garden carrying the kit.  This included a  ladder, climbing kit and a 
500mm Resistograph in its case, which is about the same size as the ones high 
end rifles come in.  The Israeli embassy is across the road just beyond some 
railings.  As I started to unpack the Resistograph by the base of the tree a 
lot of heavies in black gear started scurrying round in front of the embassy 
talking into their collars and a few seconds later the Met Police screeched 
to a halt in front of the railings to ask us what we were up to.  The palace 
guy calmed them down and we were allowed to get on with the job.

I don't know how close we were to causing a dipomatic incident, but a foreign 
power shooting Royal staff in the grounds of a palace from the roof of their 
embassy would have been a good one.



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