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Pruning Induced Stress

Subject: Pruning Induced Stress
From: David Evans
Date: Apr 02 2012 21:45:45
<<We widely over emphasise pruning induced stress.>>

Hi Tony

A new thread here.

Really.  Who's 'we', and what is your evidence to conclude this so

I figure you're big and bad enough to be okay with debating this given you
started a thread on Arbtalk about it inviting a bit of flak, so don't take
it personally, but from the research I did when putting together
'Pruning/Pruned to Death' there's plenty of pruning induced stress and
mortality spiral inciting agents of decline examples here.

Some of the reductions in this are very good and skilful, but are then often
undone by the extraordinary amount of thinning.


Acer ventura

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