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Tree Root Damage to Pavements

Subject: Tree Root Damage to Pavements
From: Fiona Melville
Date: Dec 18 2013 12:49:59
I have a roads engineer about to carry out remedial work (in two weeks 
time..) to pavements where mature street trees have cracked the surfacing. 
Does anyone have a feasible and cost effective solution to remediate the 
damage caused by mature (and still growing) roots in close proximity to 
pavements/roads? I have no direct experience of using products such as 
CellWeb and I note suggestions in the Tree Roots and the Built Environment 
but would appreciate if anyone has first hand knowledge and application in 
this area?
Many thanks.

Fiona Melville BSc (Hons) Arb. Dip For. M.Arbor.A
Tree and Woodland Officer
Stirling Council
Allanwater House
Kerse Road
Tel. 01786 XXXXXX


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