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Forestry Journal improving.

Subject: Forestry Journal improving.
From: andersonarb
Date: Dec 30 2013 10:24:24
One of the magazines that eventually finds its way into our office is the 
Forestry Journal. My dad subscribes to it, (despite being almost 80 he's 
still got dreams of buying a big harvester and vanishing into the forests). 
It used to be called Forest Machine Journal and while it contained some 
interesting articles I was inclined to dismiss it as it catered more to the 
Petrol-Head part of the Arb fraternity. (I think that was Dealga's 
description, it should be diesel-head but I got his point.)

Anyway the point of this missive is that the most recent issue (December) 
seems to be getting more in line with UKTC-sympathies (as I perceive them) 
and kicks off with an editorial moaning about the fact that the ad for the 
new Forestry Commission Chairman contains not a mention of trees and that 
anyone reading the mag would be over-qualified for the post! While I don't 
hold with all of that it's got a point.... It also has a moan about the 
Woodland Trust who also need a new Chief Executive, and unsurprisingly a 
knowledge of trees is not included in the job description.

Elsewhere they point out that involving the public in finding incidences of 
Chalara is not a lot of point when the average Joe/Joanna can't tell an Ash 
from a Rowan.While it's still got the diesel-heads lamenting the glories of 
County Tractors it's also got a decent article on PAWS restoration by John 
Jackson (past CEO of the RFS) and a very interesting article on planting 
trees in British Columbia, focusing on the fitness of the planters more than 
anything. These two articles are on-line as it happens, although only as 
scanned PDFs.

I should also note that the editorial (a while ago) gave Countryfile a decent 
kicking over their reactionary views on Forestry which was picked up by the 
mainstream press. So all in all those of us who were dismissing the 
publication ought not to be so hasty, possibly.


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