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Obfuscated intuition and respectability

Subject: Obfuscated intuition and respectability
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Feb 10 2014 10:46:15
 This ain't gonna be popular but... A prime example of
'professionalising' opinion is Mattheck and VTA. I am not referring to
any of the valuable contributions CM has made to arboriculture, rather
to the industry's willingness to adopt slogans as indications of
competence. People get asked "do you use VTA?" as if looking at trees
(LAT) was something special that was restricted to a certain cognoscenti
and a righteous waystation in itself.

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the debate I hoped for on t/R ratios is taking on a familiar UKTC-esque
philosophical debate


..sorry, am I in the wrong lecture theatre?


Is this the tree forum or something a little deeper? I treat it as a
Quaker meeting house - others' inputs are merely a trigger for my




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