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RE: Sycamore in woodland

Subject: RE: Sycamore in woodland
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Feb 10 2014 12:30:50
Can be brilliant for bluebells as it suppresses post flush vegetation

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Subject: Sycamore in woodland

Once again I find myself having to debate the status and value of
Sycamore in a particular woodland and the word "invasive" is wheeled out
to justify a lot of tree felling.

It's a well worn subject, tired even, but I'm mainly after scholarly
references to get me up to date.

For what its worth I'm not aware of any research says Sycamore will
invade a wood and where we have it around here in large proportion it
was advance regeneration released by DED. Germination and persistence
are not the same thing. There are also dark mutterings about malevolent
shade that I suppose I'll have to address.

Thanks as ever.



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