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RE: Planning application

Subject: RE: Planning application
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Feb 17 2014 15:48:17
Our validation team always look on the aerials before they accept the
veracity of the often nosensical claims of 1App forms.

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 P Think of the environment...please don't print this e-mail unless you
really need to.

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From: Phillip Ellis [] 
Sent: 17 February 2014 14:30
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: Planning application

Here is one TO's my or not wish to
comment, but grateful for any advice on
or off forum.


I have been asked to look at a planning
application where 35 odd over mature
Oaks are within the development site in
open country alongside a road and highly visible. A number of trees are
to be removed but no report found within application documents.

Box 15 of the planning application
concerning presence of trees has not
been ticked as having trees present or
not. It rather looks as if the planning
department has taken it that there are
no trees on the site when they validated application recently.


What has occurred is all the understorey and young trees have been
removed and ground under trees a sea of mud with evidence of buttress
roots damaged.
Because there is no TPO in existence
then the owner can do what he likes but
a shame especially as the land owner is
allegedly a horticulturalist!





Phillip Ellis



P please consider the environment - do
you really need to print this ? 


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