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RE: Better use of wood chip waste

Subject: RE: Better use of wood chip waste
From: Addison, Gilbert
Date: Mar 14 2014 12:58:38
 In many instances, quality ecosystems have some association with low
nutrient status. It could be argued that removal of woodchip would be
beneficial in those instances - particularly as nutrient status is so
affected by modern atmospheric nitrogen deposition. I know mineral
nutrients are different from nitrogen but there may be an overlap in

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Subject: RE: Better use of wood chip waste

DL: Edmund makes a good point about the soil.  Wood decay slowly
releases minerals back into the soil, as well as providing habitat for
fungi, invertebrates and many other species, including some very rare
ones where ancient trees are present.  

The same minerals become ash when wood is used for fuel.  It bothers me
that ash is treated as waste but I have been told that it is regarded as
unfit for being returned to the soil, owing to concerns about
contamination with heavy metals.   On the other hand, there is a school
of thought that wood can be harvested from a site indefinitely without
seriously depleting minerals, since minerals are meanwhile being
liberated from weathering of the bedrock.  I'm not convinced about this.


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