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RE: TPO Checks

Subject: RE: TPO Checks
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Apr 16 2014 08:43:08
All our TPOs are on line and downloadable, but it hasn't stopped the calls 
from coming in (which we try to deal with same day), just reduced them a 
little bit. The GIS system is not up to the minute, up to date, either (being 
updated overnight), so many tree surgeons like to check with the tree folk 

Many Council's including TDC have gone over to a Customer Services systems 
now, which is probably why you don't see so many direct lines advertised. 
Whilst not always ideal this does allow more specialist Officer time to be 
spent on the specialist things, rather than answering hundreds of telephone 
TPO enquiries. This allows less specialised officers to be employed and 
therefore cuts costs. Costs that must be cut, as the Government cuts keep on 
coming year on year, and will continue for a while yet.

Alastair Durkin
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Subject: Re: TPO Checks

I do have some sympathy for the local LPAs, Sheffield seems to be down to a

single Tree Officer in Planning now, there used to be 3 or 4. The remaining

Officer is pretty well run off his feet.

might they be rushed off their feet answering (or not) phone calls
for details of TPOs that some LAs have avoided by putting things on line?

Three cheers for:

Mole Valley Seems to 
provide very effective links from a list to the TPO documents.

Isle of Wight Council
tion-Orders/About-tree-protection a broken link or two but the thought is 

New Forest National Park Council which used 
to give direct access but I can only find a search box.

And to Canterbury City Council, Ashford Borough Council, York City Council 
and Colchester who have put their TPOs on their online GIS so you can make a 
start at identifying TPOs and Conservation Areas.

As for the cost of a copy….Isle of Wight mentions £5 for a copy of an 
endorsed TPO. That sounds reasonable although I reckon the cost of paying and 
receiving would be greater so why not pdf them and make them free by email? 
Rochdale and Birmingham seem to offer the service without charge, although I 
might be being optimistic.

Three booos for York City Council  (£38 for a TPO copy – which they seem to 
hold as PDFs anyway so you’re paying for…what?), Liverpool (£25) and Barnet 
Council (£37.75 for a copy of a Conservation Area map, £60 for a full TPO and 
£33 for an extract, none of which are available on line).  I wonder whether 
there are others? Southampton (£36), Elmbridge’s a bargain (not) at (£16), 
Kensington & Chelsea (£17).

It’s name and shame time I am afraid.


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