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RE: Soil Bulk Densities

Subject: RE: Soil Bulk Densities
From: Adrian Lamont
Date: Aug 07 2014 21:01:26
Hi there,

You've had 2 tests showing density is much higher than normal which is 
exactly what you would expect when a 15 tonne excavator has driven over the 
soil.  If it was my problem I'd recommend remedial measures on that basis and 
if whoever didn't want to pay for it squealed I would ask them to justify 
their position.


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Subject: Soil Bulk Densities

Some collective wisdom may help me here, and I will thank you for it now!

I am acting for a client who has bulldozed a site and now needs to make 
repairs to the root zones of significant trees that have had approx 100mm of 
soil graded off. It was immediately mulched after I was given instruction.

I know the site very well and the ground used to be a grassed lawn which no 
vehicle could get to.  The offending vehicle was a 15 tonne 360 excavator.

I requested an engineer carry out a soil Bulk Density test to find out how 
compacted the soil was. This came back as 1.90 Mg/m2 which is rather high 
when compared to table 4.1 in Tree Roots in the Built Environment which gives 
undisturbed soil a value of 1.07 and heavily compacted soil 1.33 Mg/m2. The 
soil is a sandy loam.

I got a second test back at 1.59 Mg/m2 which again seems very high. Now this 
isn't my usual line of work, but do you think that maybe these two readings 
of 1.90 and 1.59 might be anomalies and I need a few more tests or do you 
think I should just dive in and suggest a bit of Air spade de-compaction.
Any advice on that one well received also!



David Bailey

Old Oak Tree Care

BSc.(hons.) M.Arbor.A, cert. Arb. (RFS)

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