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RE: Condition relating to tree protection monitoring

Subject: RE: Condition relating to tree protection monitoring
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Oct 20 2014 13:30:20
Hi Trevor

I'm sure someone will email you one. However, there are differing views as to 
whether a condition such as this is actually enforceable (I know that our 
very experienced enforcement manager is not keen for a start).

What will be enforced if the developer fails to instruct the consultant at 
all, or indeed arranges for the consultant to submit details of how the 
supervision will take place, but then fails to actually instruct them at the 
time of the works being undertaken? You must be able to say that the 
development is not acceptable at all without the condition in place, and what 
you are basically saying is that you don't trust the developer to carry out 
the works as shown within the arb method statement. Even if the consultant is 
instructed, their responsibility is to the developer. Will they be calling 
the Council to let the tree officer know that trees are being damaged in the 
knowledge that their client is going to be on the wrong end of a stop notice?

Some will probably say that it can't hurt to put the condition on 
there......but is that the point?

Alastair Durkin
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Subject: Condition relating to tree protection monitoring

Dear All,
Does anyone have a good (well-written and enforceable) condition that can be 
attached to a planning permission requiring that tree protection measures are 
I often request monitoring details as part of an application, but this is 
sometimes ignored by the case officer.
Would be great to make tree protection plans something other than a paper 

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