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RE: When is a veteran not an A3?

Subject: RE: When is a veteran not an A3?
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Jan 02 2015 08:23:22
Well you could indeed go on, Bill, you were just building up a momentum...

The particular veterans that prompted my query are not on a site proposed for 
residential development, but if they were then I would be doing my best to 
keep them out of gardens generally and small or back gardens in particular. I 
think Gareth made the same observation not so very long ago. 

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Subject: Re: When is a veteran not an A3?

Lovely idea Ian, should be applied to other aspects of life as well; cars 
should only be sold to people who prove they're responsible enough to drive 
them. People should only be allowed to have children when they've passed some 
sort of test showing they'll never vote UKIP, and, and; I could go on but I'd 
probably better not....


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