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Re: OS OpenData

Subject: Re: OS OpenData
From: Ben Rose
Date: Jan 02 2015 15:04:24
I currently have up to 100 sites dotted about Essex for one client. I spent 
a whole tedious day opening up the geo referenced digital maps provided, 
checking location and then marking on an old fashioned road atlas so I can 
plan my routes. I couldn't help but feel that there is an easier way! Maybe 
dropping a 'pin' into google maps or an OpenData map, but I just don't have 
the technical savvy to know how to go about it.

Hi Kevin,

I recon that Google Earth would probably do what you need. I'm no computer 
whizz but I recently taught myself to use it for a similar job.

An advantage of Google Earth is that you can export the points or polygons to 
GIS if you need. Also, its free.

Best regards,


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