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Re: When is a veteran not an A3?

Subject: Re: When is a veteran not an A3?
From: Gilbert Addison
Date: Jan 02 2015 17:17:49
Edmund, why would you try and keep the aforementioned veterans out of private gardens? My experience of veterans in POS the very high risk that they will be burnt alive. Any sort of basal cavity is an invitation and if the tree is hollow through and through (despite being 100% physiologically viable) the chimney effect can be truly devastating and all but impossible to quench. If appropriate surgery is carried out before conveyance and likewise a TPO in place (sorry Bill) I would have thought a private garden was the safer place.

Edmund Hopkins wrote:

The particular veterans that prompted my query are not on a site proposed for residential development, but if they were then I would be doing my best to keep them out of gardens generally and small or back gardens in particular. I think Gareth made the same observation not so very long ago.

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