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Re: AA & ISA

Subject: Re: AA & ISA
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Dec 07 2015 16:57:51
On 07/12/2015 16:03, Tom Thompson wrote:

I missed that as well.

My comments were not passing any judgement on either organisation, although I 
was frustrated with the length of time it has taken.  It is however important 
to take the time to do things correctly.

I was just suggesting that there are a lot of AA members on this forum, 
significantly more than there are ISA members. So it was a suitable place to 
discuss the matters raised.

I'm a member of both but essentially an AA man, keeping up with ISA largely for their Journal. The problem (if it is one) is that ISA, although overwhelmingly American in emphasis and approach, is the leading (well the largest anyway) arb. body in the wider world, with over 21,000 members. The AA has about 2,000 (numbers courtesy of Wikipedia). 'We' can't compete, simply in terms of the amount of money available to an organisation with that number of members; but neither would it be sensible to try as the more bodies there are claiming to represent us, the more fragmented is our voice. So the the question is how can the AA & the ISA join forces without the former being swamped and taken over by an organisation ten times as big? I don't know but I'm sure that's what ongoing discussions between AA & ISA are all about - ensuring that while the "the administration of (UK ISA) membership is managed locally" and effectively by the AA, that the AA also continues to retain its own character and values.


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Dear all,

Once again I eat humble pie.  I suppose I should read my emails...

I have been told by several that the message below was in the e-news...

Apologies all round.

Following the disbanding of the ISA UK & Ireland Chapter (UK&I) earlier
this year, the ISA undertook a survey of its membership within the United
Kingdom and Ireland during the summer of 2015. We are advised that results
from the survey indicated that the majority of those members and credential
holders were in favour of the administration of their membership being
managed locally, by another UK-based arboricultural organisation; the ISA
consequently approached the AA.

The AA is in discussion with the ISA and is considering the benefits of an
alliance to our existing and future membership and the global networks
which could be provided. Please watch out for updates as to progress
regarding this matter and more detailed communications in the next few
weeks. For now, membership for the former Chapter members and
Certifications are being managed by ISA International.

On a related note, the AA has filled the void left by the absence of the
UK&I chapter by taking over the full membership of the European
Arboricultural Council, to ensure that all United Kingdom and Ireland
arboriculturists are represented at this level.


*Karen Martin*
CEO, The Arboricultural Association

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