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Re: the weather further north?

Subject: Re: the weather further north?
Date: Dec 08 2015 09:44:38
We don't seem to have had too much rain hereabouts, but then again 2007 set 
the measuring stick pretty high. However we seem to have quite a lot of wind; 
as measured by the number of times the crew have been called out. Every 
named-storm we've had so far (it seems to have been one a week since they 
started naming them) has resulted in my crew being dragged out at the weekend 
and overnight. Not that number of times the men get called out is really a 
measure of wind obviously, but it must be indicative of something.


PS A couple of intriguing storm damage photos on the anderson tree care 
facebook page, if anyone's interested and does that thing; I don't but 
occasionally have a peek at someone else's.

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