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Re: AA & ISA

Subject: Re: AA & ISA
From: Jon
Date: Dec 08 2015 10:32:59
I can't let this opportunity to inform people slip by. I write in a personal 
capacity, not in any official role in the AA.
Whilst linking the AA with a much larger organisation - the ISA - may have 
the impressions of a "takeover" - it is not. The AA would remain a self 
governing organisation just as it is now. The assets of the AA would remain 
as assets of the UK based organisation. No liabilities would be inherited 
from elsewhere. What a linkage might provide is the opportunity to both 
provide a wider range of goods (ISA publications) and services (Certified 
Arborist, international tree climbing events) and to influence their 
operation and development. Virtually everything else the AA does could 
continue on as is.....if that is what people want.
Individual membership of the ISA consists of two parts - 1) membership of the 
ISA itself which yields the journal Arboriculture & Urban Forestry and 
Arborist News and 2) membership of one or more Chapters (ISA members do not 
need to belong to a Chapter but can belong to as many as they want if they 
are prepared to join and pay for them). With no UKI ISA Chapter at present 
UKI residents do not have the option of local Chapter membership. I will have 
to check whether you can be a Chapter member without being an ISA member - I 
guess you could not present yourself as an ISA member without paying your 
dues to the central organisation.
However, joining a larger organisation does require knowledge of their 
workings and an understanding of what it might mean for the AA, the members, 
products and services. The history of events over the last 20 years or so 
inevitably makes people wary of where change might take us and I think no-one 
wants to go down a route where there are disputes and disagreements. 
So we have to listen to people but also explain to people what opportunities 
arise; in my memory it has taken almost 10 years (and more) to get to the 
position that the two organisations are sensibly in dialogue. It's been a 
slow old process. Nothing has been decided but I certainly am listening to 
what people are raising on uktc and elsewhere.....
over to you all...
Jon Heuch

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