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Re: bah humbug

Subject: Re: bah humbug
From: Jerry Ross
Date: Dec 08 2015 12:13:06

On 08/12/2015 10:16, Mark wrote:
Decorating ones home or place of worship with evergreen foliage around the
Winter Solstice goes back a very long way Bill, Though the idea of the
Christmas Tree was imported from Germany in Victorian times. The Victorian
Royal family being mostly German.


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Of course back then there probably wasn't anything growing in those woods
that would not pollard or coppice......

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And Christmas trees hadn't been invented anyway....? I think, what do I


PS. As part of my bit for the environment I shall be doing the local Scouts'
Christmas tree chipping again this (next) year. I consider this to be sort
of public service and partly environmental in keeping dumped trees out of
the local woods. I note someone is proposing something similar in the Arb

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