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RE: TPO Designations

Subject: RE: TPO Designations
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Dec 22 2015 11:45:41
Hi Tim

I think this is a reasonable use of the system in certain circumstances. The 
thing with a woodland being that the amenity it provides is largely 
collective; therefore the removal of a single tree may not affect amenity to 
any significant extent. The Council appears to be making clear in this 
instance that a particular tree, or group of trees has their own amenity that 
is not restricted to the collective nature of woodland amenity.......probably.

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Subject: TPO Designations

Dear collective,

I am dealing with a site that is subject to several TPOs.  The last one made 
covers the garden with a woodland designation.  Within this woodland are two 
individual trees and 1 group.

I am fairly clear that the Council wanted to protect this site but I have 
never come across one with indivudal and group trees specified within the 
woodland designation before.  It was made in 2006 so I am not intending to 
challenge it on process but it does seem a little unnecessary.  I am 
challenging the woodland bit in a garden but I don't know of the doubling up 
of the Order leaves me with any scope for further option?

Any ideas?

Nadlik lowen ha bledhen noweth da.


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