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Great Bores of our time?

Subject: Great Bores of our time?
Date: Dec 27 2015 14:31:36
Apologies for pinching that header from Private Eye (or is it Punch?) but an 
additional bit of advice for our Manx newcomer is that arguably we can be a 
bit boring. Our shared field of interest might not be boring to us but I am 
aware that some of our partners may from time to time, at social gatherings 
and the like, ban us from talking about trees. Or work. They just don't 
understand do they? This also means that we don't necessarily find other 
potential-bores as even slightly boring but worthy of engaging in 

This brings me to the thing to which I wanted to alert everybody; I've been 
reading a book entitled "Norwegian Wood. Chopping, stacking, and drying wood 
the Scandinavian way." by a Norwegian guy called Lars Mytting. Obviously this 
is a fantastically interesting read and not boring in the slightest. It 
contains some very interesting figures about firewood consumption and lots of 
other stuff as well. (Although I think his paragraphs on chain saw chains has 
got confused in the translation....)

I thought this title had been hawked around quite widely in the media, I 
think I heard the author being interviewed on Radio 2 by some DJ pratt, (so I 
apologise if I'm preaching to the converted) but I was equally surprised to 
gift a copy to a fellow Arb, who'd never heard of it. (Mind you he'd been 
preoccupied with life-matters so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.)

Anyway it justifies some space on the bookshelf in my opinion. And makes me 
wish I'd been born in Scandinavia!

All the best,


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