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RE: Laser rangefinders

Subject: RE: Laser rangefinders
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 30 2015 10:15:14
Hi Alastair

I cannot imagine needing kit like this in my job, even the tape measure and 
the scale ruler see only occasional outings. Maybe I have become accustomed 
to my own backwater!


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Subject: Laser rangefinders

Unfortunately over the Christmas period my car was broken into and a Trupulse 
360 laser rangefinder was stolen out of the boot. We bought the Trupulse when 
we thought we might want to integrate it with GPS etc, but that never 
happened, so we don't need the same bells and whistles for its replacement 
(just accurate heights and distances really). I was wondering if anyone has 
any thoughts? Obviously there is the Trupulse 200, but I am also looking at 
the Nikon Forestry Pro and various Leica Disto devices. I particularly like 
the look of the Nikon. Does anybody have any views as to the pro and cons of 
these various bits of kit?


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