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Re: Trees in the News

Subject: Re: Trees in the News
Date: Dec 30 2015 10:34:07

Free saplings for Councils, and a 3 for 1 replacement policy, I like it. Can 
we get that?

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Subject: Re: Trees in the News

I presume this is Platanus orientalis? Confusion over the name Plane is rife 
between Scotland and the rest of Britain and that President Erdogan doesn't 
strike me as being one of the world's great thinkers....

As for the 3 for 1, not under the TPO regs you can't, notwithstanding the 
recent "sapling is a tree" decision of course... And off-hand I'd be wary of 
instigating 2-for-1 or 6-for-1 policies as it's almost bound to lead to 
unintended consequences. 

Not that I don't regard the objectives as laudable of course......


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