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Re: Trees in the News

Subject: Re: Trees in the News
Date: Dec 30 2015 13:48:35

Well what might those unintended consequences be, Bill, or are they in the 
class of unknown unknowns? 

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The one I was thinking of Edmund was the removal of trees to avoid having to 
plant two replacements, which I was advised to do by a TO at the other side 
of the country; mind you I thought his interpretation of their policy was a 
bit extreme; dead trees were counted to be included in the numbers for 
replacement and there was no apparent specified size limits for what should 
and shouldn't be counted. This particular job ended up with the client 
claiming that a new hedge could be included in his replacement numbers...... 
But when you create a situation where the TO advises a (fairly altruistic) 
developer to cut down trees before the planning process starts then you're on 
a hiding to nothing.

It seems to me that setting out to plant two trees every time you cut one 
down is a good idea, but setting up a situation where an authority can demand 
it is a quick way to generate antipathy towards trees is a bad idea.

And I bet there are ways I haven't considered as well.



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