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RE: Laser rangefinders

Subject: RE: Laser rangefinders
From: Alastair Durkin
Date: Dec 30 2015 14:18:24
I think I'm being drawn towards the Nikon. It's much smaller and lighter than 
the Trupulse (and cheaper), has excellent optics (apparently) and is also 
waterproof (to certain limits). I don't like the idea of a red dot, which 
Distos appear to have.

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Subject: Re: Laser rangefinders

so I'd be interested in anyone else's comments / experiences.

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Subject: Re: Laser rangefinders

I bought a Trupulse a few years ago. If I'm honest I don't really like it; it 
commonly measures a distance of 25 metres when I think I'm nearer or further 
away than that. However whenever I check it with a tape measure, or on one 
occasion a Surveyor's extremely expensive load of kit, it seems to be about 
right. So I'm being unreasonable; but because I doubt the thing's 
measurements I end up wasting time checking them and checking them again, 
which might be no bad thing. I suppose I save a bit of time over the Haglof 
which still accompanies me to site.

I got mine from Positioning Resources on the grounds they were at the 
conference and had got a cheap deal going. They were very helpful, "cheap" 
being a relative concept in these matters of course.


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