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Re: Laser rangefinders

Subject: Re: Laser rangefinders
From: Simon Pryce Arboriculture
Date: Dec 30 2015 14:41:41
I used a Leica LRF 800 for long distance stuff - its aimed at shooters and golfers so measures to the nearest metre and won't work below 10m. You sight through it, so its quick and easy and there's no red dot. For closer and more accurate stuff I use a Disto D5, which has a red dot or a phone size screen if its too bright. Each has its strengths and on occasions I carry both. The Disto can also do heights (angle as a % of distance) if you don't mind basic mental arithmetic. I think they were each about £400 mark but I've had them both for some time.

They seem pretty rugged and weather resistant, but the LRF is usually on its lanyard under a jacket and the Disto in a pocket so they don't get fully exposed for long periods.


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